Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Today's Trivia: The Name

The name "Pine Brook Stadium" was the name originally given to the track by builder Dick Marlow. But at some point during the promotional reign of Jack Dowie, the name was changed to "Pine Brook Speedway." Later, when Jack Bellinato was in charge, he experimented with "Home of Champions Speedway" but it never stuck. Everyone called it "Pine Brook," be it Stadium or Speedway.

Many people thought of Pine Brook as one word, Pinebrook. But it is two words, named after the Pine Brook section of Montville Township, in which the track was located.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Adams Family

Here is a fun photo not only for those who remember Pine Brook, but also for those who are active in ATQMRA racing today.

In the car is Mark Pritchard, getting ready for warmups in 1982. But his crew is where the fun resides in this photo. Do you recognize the two young men in the blue T-shirts? Click the photo for a better look.

On the left is Tim Adams, who would become a driver himself and win a championship with Tom Williams, and who still competes today in the midwinter indoor races.

On the right is Don Adams, who would also become a driver and win multiple championships and many, many races. Don also remains active behind the wheel today, but only on an occasional basis.

Mark Pritchard has returned to the driver's seat from time to time recently. Mark sent us this photo -- send us yours! Our e-mail address is