Friday, September 14, 2012

Long Before Digital Photography

A simply great shot from Jeff Scott’s web site. Black and white, grainy, blurry and soooo evocative!

Click the image for an enlarged view.

If you were never at Pine Brook this was taken from the spectator seating, looking into turn one.

The only car recognizable is Jim Gosford’s 61. The rest of them are pure art.  A great photograph from a time when you did not know what kind of shot you had until you went home and into the darkroom to develop the film and print the image.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Just Stand There

This grainy and scratched print is from 1968 or 1969.  (Click the photo for an enlarged view.)

Joe Lacy (18) is spinning into the fence and Jerry Stover (25) may or may not be spinning out also.  Exiting stage left, in the Pouleson 7o7, is Len Duncan.

Even though persons in the pits could stand right alongside the fence, in all the years at Pine Brook, only one person in the pits was ever injured.  Which, in hindsight, seems amazing.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Name That Driver

Who is this?  (Click the photo for a larger view.)

Time’s up.

It’s Bobby Courtwright (the younger), one of two racing sons of Bobby Courtwright (the elder), photographed behind the wheel of George Verhoest’s #59 at Pine Brook.

Billy Courtwright is his brother and is generally more well known to Pine Brook expats because he raced there more frequently and won there more than a few times. Billy is still in New Jersey and is still active in racing as a crew member, but these days Bobby lives in Georgia and still races, in 360 sprints and vintage modifieds.

Bobby’s non-racing weekends are spent volunteering at Feathered Friends Forever, America's largest rescue for endangered and exotic parrots. Feathered Friends Forever is operated entirely by unpaid volunteers and is funded only by private donations. You can check out the web site here, and Bobby isn’t shy about stating that more support is needed!