Mini & Micro

While Pine Brook Stadium always showcased the open-wheel, open-cockpit cars of the American TQ Midget Racing Association, it was also the birthplace of both Mini-Stocks and Micro-Stocks.

Mini-Stocks were conceived as "Midget Stocks," a stock-car class built around the specifications of small imported cars.  But while they were invented at Pine Brook, Pine Brook proved to be too small even for compact cars.  The Mini-Stocks went on to greater success at tracks such as Wall Stadium, New Egypt Speedway, and the Flemington Fairgrounds.  For more detail click here.

Micro-Stocks weren't even intended to be race cars!  They were first built simply as go-kart based replicas, but of course as soon as the second one was built a race was held.  Unlike the Mini-Stocks, the Micro-Stocks proved to be perfectly-suited to Pine Brook's size, and they raced there weekly from 1980 through 1989.  The Micro-Stock enthusiasts are on Facebook.