It's a biiig job, compiling the results of the TQ races run at Pine Brook through the years, from Bob Dini's victory on opening night in 1962 through Dan Clover's win on the track's final night in 1989.  No official records were kept, but you can help!  If you have any Pine Brook feature race results from any year, please let us know!  (See our Contact page.)

Throughout the track's history all feature races were 35 laps, except for special events and a late-season 100-lapper that took place in every year.  Where race distances greater than 35 were recorded, we have noted them.

Race dates with the notation 'unknown' are those for which we have not yet found either a race result nor confirmation of a rainout.

The race results that appear below have gaps, missing years, and missing events.  We need your help to fill in the blanks!

A special thanks to Kevin Eckert and Paul Weisel for having provided the bulk of the results shown below.


1962 was the track's first year, opening in July following construction of the facility.  All races were presented on Friday nights, until switching to Sunday afternoons in late September.

Friday, July 6:  
    Bob Dini, Stan Scigowski, Bill Gallagher, Jim Hendrickson, Joe Kidd
Friday, July 13:  
    Jim Hendrickson, Pete Mourad, Al DeAngelo, Len Duncan, Russ Hoek
Friday, July 20:
    Jim Lacy, Fred Clifton, Bruno Brackey, Jim Hendrickson, Mario Andretti
Friday, July 27:
    Al DeAngelo, Mario Andretti, Jim Hendrickson, Sal Gamby
Friday, August 3:
    Jim Lacy, Ernie Borelli, Bob Dini, Sal Gamby, Pete Mourad
Friday, August 10:
Friday, August 17:
Friday, August 24:
    Jim Lacy, Frank Pelosa, Bill Deakin, Bruno Brackey, Stan Scigowski
Friday, August 31:
    Don Stumpf, Jim Hendrickson, Fred Stutz, Jerry Wall, Sal Gamby
Friday, September 7:
   Jim Hendrickson, Joe Lacy, Sal Gamby, Stan Scigowski, Sonny Sanders
Friday, September 14:
Friday, September 21:
    Fred Clifton, Jim Hendrickson, Ernie Borelli, Al Kemp, Don Stumpf
Sunday, September 23:
    Jerry Wall, Ed Brunhoelzl, Sal Gamby, Stan Scigowski, Fred Stutz
Sunday, September 30:
    Jim Lacy, George Sweeten, George Cousin, Jerry Wall
Sunday, October 7:
    Jim Hendrickson


Friday, May 17:
    Sal Gamby, Mario Andretti, Johnny Mann, Bill Deakin, Maurice Viette
Friday, May 24:
    Al DeAngelo, Pete Mourad, Frank Pelosa, Ernie Borelli, Bob Dini
Friday, May 31:
    Jim Miller, Fred Stutz, Herb Sullivan, Bob Dini, Jim Lacy
Friday, June 7:
Friday, June 14:
    Joe Gray, Bob Dini, Frank Pelosa, Joe Kidd, Pete Mourad
Friday, June 21:
    Sal Gamby, Ernie Borelli, Bob Dini, Al DeAngelo, Joe Lacy
Friday, June 28:
    Dick Peterman, Mario Andretti, Jack Duffy, Ernie Warnasch, Joe Kidd
Friday, July 5:
    Mario Andretti, Don Stumpf, Dini, Al DeAngelo, Ernie Borelli
Friday, July 12:
    Bill Deakin, Len Duncan, Jack Duffy, Jerry Wall, Al DeAngelo
Friday, July 19:
Friday, July 26:
    Joe Lacy, Bill Deakin, Bob Dini, George Sweeten, Al DeAngelo
Friday, August 2(50 laps)
    Bruno Brackey, Al DeAngelo, Bob Dini, Jack Duffy, Al Kemp
Friday, August 9:
    Ernie Borelli, Dick DeYoung, Joe Lacy, Bob Dini, Sal Gamby
Friday, August 16:
    Pete Mourad, Dick Peterman, Joe Lacy, Ernie Borelli, George Sweeten
Friday, August 23:
    Al DeAngelo, Don Stumpf, Sal Gamby, Joe Kidd, Al Kemp
Friday, August 30:
    Herb Sullivan, Jack Duffy, Don Morris, Stan Scigowski, Ernie Borelli
Friday, September 6:
Friday, September 13(100 laps)
   Al DeAngelo, Stan Scigowski, Ernie Borelli, Jack Duffy, Joe Gray


1964 was an unusual year at Pine Brook, with races run on Sundays, Saturdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and at least one Friday.

Sunday, May 10
    Jim Lacy, Stan Scigowski, Al DeVito, Len Duncan, Jack Duffy
Sunday, May 17
    Dick Peterman, Tony Bonadies, Bruno Brackey, Jim Lacy, Jack Duffy
Sunday, May 24
    Al DeAngelo, Joe LaMalfa, Stan Scigowski, Jack Duffy, Dick Peterman.
Saturday, May 30(50 laps)
    Frank Pelosa, Jack Duffy, Bruno Brackey, Ernie Warnasch, Dick DeYoung
Saturday, June 6
Saturday, June 13:
    Joe Kidd, Jim Lacy, Ernie Borelli, Stan Scigowski
Saturday, June 20
    Bob Dini, Jack Duffy, Dick Peterman, Al Kemp
Wednesday, June 24
    Rain; postponed to Thursday
Thursday, June 25
    Joe Lacy, Joe Gray
Wednesday, July 1
    Jack Duffy, Joe Lacy, Joe Kidd, Tony Bonadies, Dick DeYoung
Saturday, July 4:  
    Montville Township Fire Department Fireworks Display (no racing)
Wednesday, July 8
    Rain; postponed to Thursday
Thursday, July 9
    Rain, postponed to the following Wednesday
Wednesday, July 15: Twin 30-lap features
    Race 1: Jack Duffy, Herb Sullivan, Joe LaMalfa, Bill Deakin, Frank Pelosa.
    Race 2: Joe Kidd, Ernie Borelli, Dick Peterman, Pete Mourad, Joe Gray
Wednesday, July 22:
    Rain; heat races completed, feature postponed to July 29
Wednesday, July 29: Rain; postponed to Thursday
Thursday July 30: Two features, one postponed from July 22 and one regular program
    Race 1: Stan Scigowski, Al DeAngelo, Joe Kidd, Pete Mourad, Herb Sullivan
    Race 2: Jerry Wall, Tommy McAndrew, Pete Mourad, Frank Pelosa, Ernie Borelli
Wednesday, August 5
    Al DeAngelo, Jack Duffy, Frank Pelosa, Joe Kidd, Ernie Borelli
Wednesday, August 12
    Joe Gray, Fred Stutz, Tony Romit, Joe Kidd, Herb Sullivan
Wednesday, August 19
    Jerry Karl, Aldo Andretti, Joe LaMalfa, Dick DeYoung, Jerry Wall
Wednesday, August 26
    Jack Duffy , Freddy Stutz, Al DeVito, Pete Mourad, Tom White
Wednesday, Sept 2
    Dick DeYoung, Joe Kidd, Al DeAngelo, Ernie Warnasch, Dick Peterman
Friday, Sept 11(100 laps)
    Joe Kidd, Ernie Warnasch, George Sweeten, Dick DeYoung, Len Duncan

1965 - incomplete

Friday, May 28:
    Larry Rice, George Sweeten, Joe Kidd, Dick Peterman, Bobby Courtwright
Friday, June 4:  
Friday, June 11:
    George Sweeten, Ells Couse, Hank Kleban, Jack Purcell, Dick DeYoung
Friday, June 18:
    Jack Purcell, Jerry Wall, Dick Peterman, Fred Stutz, Hank Kleban
Friday, June 25:
    Pete Mourad, Bobby Courtwright, Jerry Wall, George Sweeten, Hank Kleban

Results between June 25 and August 20 are unknown currently.

Friday, August 20:
    Jim Maguire
Friday, August 27:  Twin 25-lap features
    Race 1: Len Duncan
    Race 2: Mike Dee

The balance of the 1965 race results are unknown currently.

1966 - incomplete

Friday, June 10:
    Bobby Courtwright, Bob Wilkey, Ken Dawson
Friday, September 2(100 laps)
    Larry Michaels, Al DeAngelo, Jerry Stover

The above are the only 1966 race results we have found so far, except for an August 26 Foreign Compact Racing Association (mini-stocks) race, won by Harry Stevenson in a Morris Minor, followed by John Wagner in a Datsun, Doug Madison in a Morris Minor, and Ed Leip in an Anglia.

1967 - incomplete

Friday, June 24:  
    Ken Dawson
Friday, July 1Twin 30-lap features
    Race 1:  Tony Romit
    Race 2:  Tony Romit
    The twin-feature programs at Pine Brook were run with the finishing order
    of the first race inverted for the start of the second race.  On this occasion
    Tony Romit won the first race from mid-field and the second race from last!
Friday, July 8:
   Wayne Laucius
Friday, August 12:
    Len Duncan, Al DeVito, Tony Romit, Jim Maguire; Ed Leip FCRA
Friday, September 1:  Dick Peterman (100 laps)

    These are the only 1967 results we have found so far.
    The FCRA mini-stocks were also scheduled for September 8.

1968 results are unknown currently


Fri., May 23: Tony Romit
Fri., May 30: Tony Romit
Fri., June 6:  Rain
Fri., June 13 Rain after three heats
Fri., June 20: Doug Craig
Fri., June 27: Joe Lacy
Fri., July 4: Tony Romit
Fri., July 11: Dick Peterman
Fri., July 18: Doug Craig
Fri., July 25: Joe Lacy
Fri., August 1: Rain after the consis, feature postponed to the next week
Fri., August 8:
    Race 1: Bob Watkins (carryover race from the prior week)
    Race 2: Doug Craig (regular feature)
Fri., August 15: Doug Craig
Fri., August 22: Doug Craig
Fri., August 29: Pete Sindone (75 laps)
Fri., Sept 5: Doug Craig
Fri., Sept 12: Dick Peterman

1970 - incomplete, early season results unknown currently

Fri., June 12:  Rain
Fri., June 19:  Jerry Wall
Fri., July 3:  Rain after the consis, feature postponed to the next week
Fri., July 10:  Rain
Fri., July 17:
    Race 1:  Tony Romit (carryover race from July 3)
    Race 2:  Doug Craig (regular feature)
Fri., July 24:  Twin 25-lap features
    Race 1:  Tony Romit (in memory of Larry Rice)
    Race 2:  Tony Romit (in memory of Bob Wilkey)
Fri., July 31: Rain
Fri., August 7:  Pete Mourad
Fri., August 14: Doug Craig
Fri., August 21:  Doug Craig
Fri., August 28:  Jack Duffy (75 laps)
Fri., Sept 4:  Doug Craig
Fri., Sept 11:  Joe Kidd

1971 - incomplete, early season results unknown currently

Fri., June 4: Larry Michaels (race declared complete at 29 laps due to rain)
Fri., June 11: Tony Romit
Fri., June 18:  Pete Mourad
Fri., June 25: Tony Romit
Fri., July 2:  Larry Michaels
Fri., July 9: Larry Michaels
Fri., July 16: Hank Rogers Jr.
Fri., July 23: Hank Rogers Jr.
Fri., July 30: Rain
Fri., August 6: Tony Romit (50 laps)
Fri., August 13: Tony Romit
Fri., August 20: Tony Romit
Fri., August 27: Rain
Fri., Sept 3: Tony Romit (75 laps)
Fri., Sept 10: Tony Romit

1972- incomplete, early season results unknown currently

Fri., June 2:  Frank Holz
Fri., June 9: Tony Romit
Fri., June 16: Rain
Fri., June 23: Rain
Fri., June 30: Rain after four heats (clearly there was a large field of cars
    on this night, as the usual Pine Brook program had just three heats)
Fri., July 7: Rain (fourth consecutive rainout!)
Fri., July 14: Tony Romit (50 laps)
Fri., July 21: Tony Romit
Fri., July 28: Stan Scigowski
Fri., August 4: Tony Romit
Fri., August 11:  Len Duncan
Fri., August 18: Tony Romit
Fri., August 25:  Frank Holz
Fri., Sept 1:  Jack Bertling
Fri., Sept 8: Tony Romit
Fri., Sept 15: Tony Romit

1973- incomplete, early season results unknown currently

Fri., June 1:  Bobby Courtwright
Fri., June 8:  Tom Arntz
Fri., June 15:  Sonny Sanders
Fri., June 22: Rain
Fri., June 29: Rain
Fri., July 6: Sonny Sanders (50  laps)
Fri., July 13: Johnny Coy
Fri., July 20: Rain
Fri., July 27: Jack Bertling
Fri., August 3: Bob Cicconi
Fri., August 10: Rain after two heats
Fri., August 17: Tony Romit
Fri., August 24:  unknown
Fri., Sept 7:  Larry Michaels

1974 - incomplete, early season results unknown currently

Fri., June 7:  Bobby Courtwright
Fri., June 14:  Bobby Courtwright
Fri., June 21: Rain
Fri., June 28: Rain
Fri., July 5:  Bing Metz
Fri., July 12:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 19:  Jack Bertling
Fri., July 26:  Twin 25-lap features
    Race 1: Fred Stutz 
    Race 2: Mike Osite
Fri., August 2:  unknown
Fri., August 9:  unknown
Fri., August 16:  Pat Wohlgemuth
Fri., August 23:  Lenny Boyd (50 laps)
Fri., August 30: Neil Fish
Fri., Sept 6:  unknown
Fri., Sept 13:  Rain after heats

1975 - incomplete, early season results unknown currently

6/06/75  (rain)
6/13/75   Lenny Boyd
6/20/75   Joey Coy
6/27/75   Billy Courtwright
7/04/75   Mike Dee
7/11/75   Bing Metz
7/18/75   George Planthaber
7/25/75  (50 L) Jack Bertling
8/01/75   Tom White
8/08/75   Larry Michaels
8/15/75   Jack Bertling
8/22/75  (30 L) Bruce Landry
8/22/75  (30 L) Larry Michaels
8/29/75   Tom Arntz (3rd to 1st on the last-lap!)
9/12/75  (rain)
9/19/75  (rain)
9/26/75  unknown


5/07/76   Jack Bertling
5/14/76   Nick Fornoro Jr.
5/21/76   Lenny Boyd
5/28/76  (Dowie 50) Johnny Coy
6/04/76   Johnny Coy
6/11/76   Johnny Coy
6/18/76   Johnny Coy
6/25/76  (Wiff Wehrle 50) Bobby Courtwright
7/02/76  (Tony Romit 36) Lenny Boyd
7/09/76   Doug Craig (DQ1 Jack Bertling)
7/16/76   Lenny Boyd
7/23/76  (rain)
7/30/76  (25 L) Bobby Courtwright
7/30/76  (25 L) Nick Fornoro Jr.
8/06/76  (rain)
8/13/76   Jim Miller
8/20/76  (76 L) Jack Bertling
8/27/76   Johnny Coy Jr.
9/03/76   Jack Bertling
9/10/76   Bruce Landry
9/17/76   Jack Bertling
9/24/76  (50 L) Pete Mourad
10/01/76   unknown
10/09/76  (rain)
10/16/76   Jack Bertling
10/23/76   Bruce Jones
10/30/76  unknown


5/06/77   Johnny Coy
5/13/77   Johnny Coy
5/20/77   Lenny Boyd
5/27/77   Johnny Coy
6/03/77   Johnny Coy
6/10/77   Johnny Coy
6/17/77   Drew Fornoro
6/24/77  (50 L) Doug Craig
7/01/77  unknown
7/08/77   Lenny Boyd
7/15/77   Tom White
7/22/77   Jack Bertling
7/29/77  unknown
8/05/77   Doug Craig
8/12/77   Jack Bertling
8/19/77   Doug Craig
8/26/77  (70 L) Lenny Boyd
9/09/77   Lenny Boyd
9/16/77  (rain)
9/23/77  (rain)
9/30/77  (100L) Jack Bertling


Fri., May 12:  Billy Hughes - Lenny Boyd - Will Ford
Fri., May 19:  George Verhoest - Johnny Coy, Sr. - Phil Davoulas
Fri., May 26:  Jack Bertling - Johnny Coy, Sr. - Bing Metz
Fri., June 2:  Jack Bertling - Drew Fornoro - Joe Osite
Fri., June 9:  Jack Bertling - Nick Fornoro, Jr. - Will Ford
Fri., June 16:  Bruce Kindberg - Lenny Boyd - Tom White
Fri., June 23:  Jack Bertling - Paul Verhoest - Will Ford
Fri., June 30:  Johnny Smith - Bruce Jones - George Verhoest
Fri., July 7:  Johnny Coy Sr. - Billy Hughes - Sherwood Smith
Fri., July 14: Rain
Fri., July 21:  Drew Fornoro - Bing Metz - Billy Hughes
Fri., July 28:  Jack Bertling - Lenny Boyd - Billy Hughes
Fri., August 4:  Jack Bertling - Paul Verhoest - Tom White
Fri., August 11:  Rain
Fri., August 18:  Mark Smith - Jack Bertling - Johnny Coy, Sr.
Fri., August 25:  Rain
Fri., Sept 1:  Johnny Coy, Sr. - Lenny Boyd - Johnny Smith
Fri., Sept 8:  Rain
Fri., Sept 15:  Larry Michaels - Johnny Coy, Sr. - Jack Bertling
Fri., Sept 22:  Rain
Fri., Sept 29:  Jack Bertling - Lenny Boyd - Johnny Coy, Sr.


Fri., May 4:  Rain after qualifying races, feature postponed to May 11
Fri., May 11:
    Race 1:  Billy Hughes (carryover race from May 4)
    Race 2:  Nick Fornoro Jr. (regular feature)
Fri., May 25:  Bruce Kindberg
Fri., June 1:  Sherwood Smith
Fri., June 8: Drew Fornoro (50 laps)
Fri., June 15:  Johnny Coy
Fri., June 22: Rain
Fri., June 29:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 6:  Paul Verhoest
Fri., July 13: Lenny Boyd (50 laps, in honor of Dick Marlow)
Fri., July 20:  Guy Cicconi
Fri., July 27:  Jack Bertling 
Fri., August 3:  unknown
Fri., August 10:  unknown
Fri., August 17: Joey Coy
Fri., August 24: Rain
Fri., August 31:  Larry Michaels (50 laps)
Fri/. Sept 7:  John Jenkins
Fri., Sept 14:  unknown
Fri., Sept 21: Rain


Fri., May 2:  Tom White, Drew Fornoro, John Jenkins
Fri., May 9:  Johnny Smith, Tom White, Drew Fornoro
Fri., May 16:  Johnny Smith, Paul Verhoest, Johnny Coy, Jr.
Fri., May 23:  Nick Fornoro, Jr + Tom White (tied), Lenny Boyd
Fri., May 30:  Lenny Boyd, Johnny Smith, Bing Metz  (This night was  a benefit for
      the American Cancer Society; no purse was distributed and all monies were donated)
Fri., June 6:  Nick Fornoro, Jr., Dave Thompson, Johnny Smith
Fri., June 13:  Mark Smith, Bing Metz, Bruce Kindberg
Fri., June 20:  Lenny Boyd, Tom White, Drew Fornoro
Fri., June 27:  Bruce Landry, Bruce Kindberg, Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 4:  Johnny Coy., Jr., Joey Coy, Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 11:  Dave Thompson, Nick Fornoro, Jr., Johnny Coy, Jr.
Fri., July 18:  Nick Fornoro, Jr., Johnny Coy, Jr., Bruce Kindberg
Fri., July 25:  Drew Fornoro, John Jenkins, Dave Thompson
Fri., August 1: Nick Fornoro. Jr., Dave Thompson, Drew Fornoro
Fri., August 8:  Johnny Coy., Jr, Jack Bertling, John Jenkins
Fri., August 15:  Joey Coy, Johnny Smith, John Jenkins
Fri., August 22:  Bing Metz, Dave Thompson, Bruce Jones
Fri., August 29:  Nick Fornoro, Jr., Dave Thompson, Johnny Coy., Jr.
Fri., Sept. 12:  Nick Fornoro, Jr., Dave Thompson, Jack Bertling
Fri., Sept. 19:  Drew Fornoro, Joey Coy, Johnny Coy, Jr.
Fri., Sept. 26:  Jon Holmquist, Mark Smith, Johnny Coy., Jr.


Fri., May 1:  Joey Coy, Drew Fornoro, Nick Fornoro Jr.
Fri., May 8:  Pete Mourad, Will Ford, George Kattau
Fri., May 15:  Rain
Fri., May 22:  Johnny Coy Jr., Drew Fornoro, Bing Metz
Fri., May 29: Mike Osite, Jon Holmquist, Joey Coy
Fri., June 5:  Nick Fornoro Jr., Dave Thompson, Joey Coy
Fri., June 12:  Bruce Kindberg,, Nick Fornoro Jr., Dave Thompson
Fri., June 19:  Jon Holmquist, Bruce Kindberg,, Drew Fornoro
Fri., June 26:  Joey Coy, Johnny Coy Jr., Dave Thompson
Fri., July 3:  Jack Bertling, Johnny Coy Jr., Dave Thompson
Fri., July 10:  John Jenkins, Billy Hughes, Bing Metz
Fri., July 17:  Johnny Coy Jr., Dave Thompson, Mark Smith
Fri., July 24:  John Matrafailo, Bruce Kindberg, Dave Thompson
Fri., July 31:  Jack Bertling, Bruce Kindberg, Drew Fornoro
Fri., August 7:  Drew Fornoro, Jack Bertling, Bing Metz
Fri., August 14:  Bruce Kindberg, Drew Fornoro, George Kattau
Fri., August 21:  Drew Fornoro, Johnny Coy Jr., Billy Hughes
Fri., August 28:  Tom White, Dave Thompson, Johnny Coy Jr.
Fri., Sept 4:  Joey Coy, Larry Michaels, Mike Piersig (100 laps)
Fri., Sept 11:  Rain
Fri., Sept 18:  John Matrafailo, Dave Thompson, Johnny Coy Jr.
Fri., Sept 25:  George Kattau, Johnny Coy Jr., Bruce Kindberg


Fri., April 30: unknown
Fri., May 7:  A tie, Mike Osite and Nick Fornoro Jr.
Fri., May 14:  unknown
Fri., May 21:  Twin 25-lap features
    Race 1: Dave Thompson
    Race 2: Nick Fornoro Jr.
Fri., May 28:  unknown
Fri., June 4: unknown
Fri., June 11: unknown
Fri., June 18: Joey Coy
Fri., June 25:  Mike Osite
Fri., July 9: Johnny Coy Jr. (50 laps, in honor of Jack Dowie)
Fri., July 16:  unknown
Fri., July 23:  unknown
Fri., July 30:  Joey Coy
Fri., Sept 3: Nick Fornoro Jr. (100 laps, in honor of Jack Bellinato)
Fri., Sept 10:  Joey Coy
Fri., Sept 17: Nick Fornoro Jr. (40 laps, in honor of Tony Romit)
Fri., Sept 24:  Nick Fornoro Jr.
Fri., Oct 1:  Billy Courtwright

1983 results are currently missing


Fri., April 27:  Gary Gimmler, Paul Verhoest, George Kattau
Fri., May 4:  Rain
Fri., May 11:  Nick Fornoro Jr.
Fri., May 18:  Nick Fornoro Jr., Jack Bertling
Fri., May 25:  Johnny Coy Jr., twice – twin 25s
Fri., June 1:   Races cancelled due to flooding
Fri., June 8:  Johnny Coy Jr, Joey Coy
Fri., June 15:  Randy Verhoest, Mike Osite
Fri., June 22:  Jimmy Coman, Jim Goedeke
Fri., June 29:  Billy Courtwright
Fri., July 6:  Nick Fornoro Jr
Fri., July 13:  Rain
Fri., July 20:  Jimmy Coman, Jack Duffy, George Kattau
Fri., July 27:  Rain
Tues., July 31:  Mike Osite
Fri., August 3:  Rain
Fri., August 10:  Johnny Coy Jr. (60 laps)
Fri., August 17:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., August 24:  Johnny Smith
Fri., August 31:  Billy Courtwright
Fri., Sept 7:  Jack Bertling  (100 laps)
Fri., Sept 14:  Mike Osite
Fri., Sept 21:  Johnny Smith
Fri., Sept 28:  Rain
Fri., October 5:  Nick Fornoro Jr, Joey Coy


Fri., April 26:  Pete Mourad
Fri., May 3:  Rain
Fri., May 10:  George Kattau
Fri, May 17:  Rain midway through the program; see next week
Fri., May 24: Bill Bonsma (regular feature), Johnny Smith (make-up feature)
Fri., May 31:  Billy Courtwright
Fri., June 7:  Tom White
Fri., June 14:  Mike Osite (50 laps)
Fri., June 21:  Nick Fornoro, Jr.
Fri., June 28:  Rain
Fri., July 5:  Billy Courtwright
Fri., July 12:  Mike Osite
Fri., July 19:  Jack Bertling
Fri., July 26:  Rain
Fri., August 2:  Gary Gimmler
Fri., August 9:  Mike Osite
Fri., August 16:  Mike Piersig
Fri., August 23:  Bart Nash
Fri., Sept 6:  Mike Osite (100 laps)
Fri., Sept 13:  Bill Bonsma
Fri., Sept 20:  Chuck Michaels
Fri., Sept 27:  Rain - Hurricane Gloria
Fri., October 4:  Rain
Fri., October 11:  Rain
Fri., October 18:  Joey Payne


Fri., April 25:  Phil DiMario
Fri., May 2:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., May 9:  Pete Mourad
Fri., May 16:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., May 23: (Twin 25s) Phil DiMario (1st race), Bill Bonsma (2nd race)
Fri., May 30:  Joey Payne
Fri., June 6:  Rain
Fri., June 13:  Jack Bertling
Fri., June 20:  Mike Osite
Fri., June 27:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., July 4:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., July 11:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., July 18:  Rain midway through the program; see next week
Fri., July 25:  Jack Bertling (regular feature); Lenny Boyd (make-up feature)
Fri., August 1:  Rain midway through the program; see next week
Fri., August 8:  Phil DiMario (regular feature); Jack Bertling (make-up feature)
Fri., August 15:  Jack Bertling
Fri., August 22:  Mike Osite
Fri., August 29:  Dan Clover
Fri., Sept 5:  Rain
Fri., Sept 12:  Johnny Coy
Fri., Sept 19:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., Sept 26:  Rain midway through the program; see next week
Fri., October 3:  Lenny Boyd (regular feature); Johnny Coy (make-up feature)
Fri., October 10:  Johnny Coy


Fri., April 24:  Rain
Fri., May 1:  Joey Coy, Lenny Boyd, Bing Metz
Fri., May 8:  Mike Osite, Randy Verhoest, Bob Resco
Fri., May 15:  Rain
Fri., May 22:  (Twin 25s) Lenny Boyd, (1st race), Phil DiMario (2nd race)
Fri., May 29:  Joey Coy
Fri., June 5:  Joey Coy, Phil DiMario
Fri., June 12:  Randy Verhoest, Joey Coy, Bob Resco (50 laps)
Fri., June 19:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., June 26:  Rain
Fri., July 3:  Joey Coy, Phil DiMario
Fri., July 11:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 17:  Joey Coy
Fri., July 24:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., July 31:  Bob Resco
Fri., August 7:  Johnny Smith (70 laps)
Fri., August 14:  Joey Coy
Fri., August 21:  Lenny Boyd
Fri., August 28:  Rain
Fri., Sept. 4:  Lenny Boyd (100 laps)
Fri., Sept. 11:  Lou Cicconi Jr
Fri., Sept 18:  Rain
Fri., Sept 25:  Bill Bonsma (40 laps)
Fri., Oct 2:  Mike Osite, Lou Cicconi Jr.


Fri., May 6:  Rain
Fri., May 13:  Rain midway through the program; see next week
Fri., May 20:  Nick Fornoro, Jr. (regular feature); Bill Bonsma (make-up feature)
Fri., May 27:  Dan Clover
Fri., June 3:  Rain
Fri., June 10:  John Smith
Fri., June 17:  Rain
Fri., June 24:  Don Adams
Fri., July 1:  Joey Coy
Fri., July 8:  Nick Fornoro, Jr.
Fri., July 15:  Mike Osite
Fri., July 22:  Mike Tidaback
Fri., July 29:  Don Adams
Fri., August 5:  Nick Fornoro, Jr.
Fri., August 12:  Billy Courtwright
Fri., August 19:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., August 26:  Joey Payne
Fri., Sept 2:  Joey Coy (100 laps)
Fri., Sept 9:  Mike Tidaback
Fri., Sept 16:  Johnny Coy, Jr.
Fri., Sept 23:  Nick Fornoro, Jr.
Fri., Sept 30:  Bob Resco
Fri., Oct 7:  Rain


Fri., April 28:  Bob Resco
Fri., May 5:  Rain
Fri., May 12:  Mike Osite
Fri., May 19:  Joey Coy
Fri., May 26:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., June 2:  Rudy Boetticher
Fri., June 9:  Rain
Fri., June 16:  Rain
Fri., June 23:  Rain
Fri., June 30:  Bill Bonsma
Fri., July 7:  Mike Osite
Fri., July 14:  Paul Verhoest
Fri., July 21:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., July 28:  Bob Resco
Fri., August 4:  Rudy Boetticher
Fri., August 11:  Rudy Boetticher
Fri., August 18:  Paul Verhoest
Fri., August 25:  Randy Verhoest
Fri., Sept 1:  Joey Coy (100 laps)
Fri., Sept 8:  Joey Coy
Fri., Sept 15:  unknown
Fri., Sept 22:  Rain
Fri., Sept 29:  Andy Storero
Fri., Oct 6:  Dan Clover
Fri., Oct 13:  Season’s final race cancelled by the landowner

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