Thursday, January 13, 2011

Would YOU Drive a 1963 TQ?

Racing remains a sport with risks, but none so vivid as that shown in this sequence of photos from Pine Brook in 1963.

No roll cage, just a rudimentary roll bar. No five-point harness, just a padded "Sam Browne" belt. No Snell-rated helmet, just a basic "Cromwell" or, if you were truly state-of-the-art, a Bell Star.

I question seriously how many of today's drivers would drive one of these cars.

Happily, this driver was not injured in any significant manner, despite his car rolling over fully and traveling to the guard rail, off of which it bounced before coming to rest. Unhappily, I have no idea who it is! The car is numbered 65. Does anyone out there have any specific knowledge? If so, send a note to  us at